Corneliu Ganea portrait.jpg

Corneliu Ganea is an independent Romanian choreographer and teacher based in Amsterdam. 

With the creation of his first duet in 1999, he discovered a passion for movement and choreography. Pursuing this attraction, Corneliu developed a large variety of works which were presented and awarded at different festivals and choreographic competitions around the world. With the latest work titled Boma, for Internationaal Danstehater he further established his presence in the Amsterdam dance scene as an upcoming choreographer. 

Other works, such as Ellas for Ballet Contemporaneo de Burgos saw its premiere in the closing gala the International Choreographic Competition Burgos - New York in 2010 and Pockets of Happiness was created on the dancers of the renowned dance company NND/Galilidance in 2007.

Taking a strong inspiration from music, Corneliu develops works which are physical, poetic and revolved around unique characters.

Using the human body as a medium for expression Corneliu allows himself to explore the infinite possibilities of motions in a choreographic structure and its impact on the viewer. 

The experience of the audience plays an important role and is just as important as the one of the performers, as the symbiotic relationship between the two is a vital aspect of Corneliu's work. Developing works and characters which manage to peel the surface of mundane and peer into our vulnerabilities and weakness, is a presence in Corneliu's performances.

In 2007 Corneliu co-founded the pruduction house Random Collision in Groningen, in 2014 he co-founded Area 59 in Amsterdam and he is currently developing and online library for full length contemporary dance videos, called




“Through his movement, Corneliu Ganea sculptures an athletic expressive body.”  

-Von Malve Grandinger, Münchner Mercur.

“In his closely to the body executed movements and intimate dance etude, Corneliu Ganea, compliments and captures a Chopin Nocturne precisely to the point.”

-Beate Kayser, TZ München.

“...and this time the best piece was presented by Corneliu Ganea. In his indeed charming performance to a Chopin-Nocturne he ridicules the music, as well as what might possibly lay ahead.... - a throughout amusing piece that left us wanting to see more.”

Volker Boser, AZ München.