SUB WAY  (2008)

Duration: 30 min

Location: Student Apartment, Amsterdam

Dance: Anouk Froidevaux, Viviane Fehner

Music: Brian Eno, Deceptikon

Costumes: Corneliu Ganea

Assistant choreographer: Sita Ostheimer



Stuka Fest is a students festival in Amsterdam where all the performances take place in students homes.

This dance-theatre performance was created on the location with no studio time. It was focused on the differences in our behaviours when in a social environment and when in private. How do we change and where does our actions and thoughts take us when in private? Our main character explores her thoughts and desires as the audience gets a glimpse into her life. Her dark moments come to surface, she begins to interact with the audience and a surprise character comes into play to alter everyones perceptions.