work in progress

Corneliu Ganea presents a new creation inspired by the loss of physical and mental integrity of soldiers after WWI. This syndrome came to be known as Shell Shock: the traumatic response of a mind/a body incapable of coping with the stress of mechanised war it has experienced. 

This extreme human reaction to mechanical warfare serves as a trigger to address a far more universal state of being: The block that comes after any situation where one is overwhelmed by the unexpected. Stress, anxiety, dissatisfaction in a world that does not celebrate mildness: Aren't these our present states of shell shock? 

“It is mesmerising to me: how unable we are to see truth, to anticipate recurrent mistakes and learn from the past. How we say to ourselves, over and over again: ‘This will never happen to me’. Well... think again.” 

Duration: 20 min. Final work 55 min

Dancers: Rossana Caldera, Charlotte Petersen, Cecilia Stockli, Richard Oberscheven, Jordi Ribot Thunnissen, Fernando Oliveira

Composer: Greg Smith

Costumes: Corneliu Ganea

Photography: Kim Doeleman