pockets of happiness  (2007)

Premiere in Groningen, The Netherlands

A search for better, a search for quality, a quest for love, wealth and success; in essence, a search for happiness. The small things in life can be take for granted as we submit to this natural desire to fill our pockets with happiness. 

As a dancers I often had the possibility to choreograph a piece in the dance company I was working. This was also the case for Pockets of Happiness, choreographed for NND/Galilidance in Groningen in 2007.

With a great group of five dancers, I wanted to create a raw and emotional piece based on the simple idea of the small moments in life. I wanted to bring the awareness and get inspired from those small events which shape our lives. We often take them for granted and stop appreciating them, forgetting how much beauty and inspiration we can experience every single, day if we only surrender to the moment. 



With this work I began exploring my passion for video work and filming. Together with the dancers, we went on the roof of my apartment building and filmed the short scene featuring Ido Batash. The piece would begin with four dancers on stage an the film of Ido as the fifth one on screen. After his on screen dance he would walk on stage as if he has just finished dancing live on the roof of the theatre. 

The short film was shot in just one brick corner. I was obsessed with that corner to the point where the dancers called it "Corneliu's corner".

The short film had two versions which were alternatively played over the 5 shows we had. The main version was edited by my friend Veronica Blaine the other one by myself.

Duration: 10 min

Location: Grand Theatre Groningen

Date: 22.07.2007

Dancers: Ido Batash, Elena Volkov, Edan Gorlicki, Sita Ostheimer, Jin Yeob Cha

Music: Prefuse73, Alva Nato, Radiohead

Costumes: Corneliu Ganea

Editing: Veronica Blaine, Corneliu Ganea