Not here, not yet there (2005)

Premiere in Nagoya, Japan

When forced to abandon their way of living, the innocence of young brothers can transform their anxiety of the unknown into a playful game of life. Real life becomes a fantasy, real problems become quests to be completed.

The work explores beautiful situations and people that are most affected by tragedies. About the strength and wisdom of the impoverished and about what its been created out of this difficult moments.

When living with a great burden and in constant difficulties, there are moments in which we manage to isolate ourselves into a realm of comfort and happiness. These are rare opportunities that give us strength and remind us of the fragility of the human nature.

Duration: 10 min

Location: Nagoya Citizen's Auditorium, Japan

Dance: Adriana Mortelliti, Corneliu Ganea

Music: The Bratch Orchestra, Shigeru Umebayashi

Costumes: Adrianna Mortelliti