Language of the heart (2011)

Premiere in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Not to be taken lightly. Treat with care. Hazardous use leads to its failure. Keep it dry and happy. Never expose it to fresh air, but do expose its true potential. Best use before time is up.

On our daily communications and information exchange with one another, our hearts play a more profound role than we previously believed. This knowledge has been brought to surface by a group of scientists who studied the functioning of the heart for ten years. Their discoveries are remarkable and are put together in a work entitled The Heart's Code by PhD. Dr. Paul Pearsall.

Throughout our lives we engage in different relations with each other. We exchange informations, we create memories, we give values. What if at the very core of all these interactions, the brain is not the main actor?

If the last century was the on of the brain, the next should be the one of the heart – PhD. Dr. Paul Pearsall




Location: Melkweg, Amsterdam

Date: 23.06.2011

Duration: 15 min

Dance: Natalia Rodina & Corneliu Ganea

Music: Christian Fennesz & Ryuichi Sakamoto, Dona Dumitru Siminica

Costumes, Light & Set design: Corneliu Ganea

Video by: Francesco Cavaliere