Hora (2017)

Premiere in Amersfoort, The Netherlands

The performance is inspired by the large variety of traditional dance, music, and rituals of the Romanian culture. Corneliu Ganea is blending in elements of contemporary dance and folk dance to give rise to a unique identity for a dance performance. At its core, the show embodies elements of the Romanian culture, such as creativity, simplicity and a long lasting strength in front of aversion. As a millennial civilisation, the Romanians have courageously survived countless invasions finding their sanity in the deep joy for dancing and in its music, which strengthened it's identity, creativity, and rituals. Feeling a great sense of joy to represent the Romanian culture, Corneliu's desire of working on a such a piece, is a dream come true. 

Hora is part of a double-bill titled TANGO/MANIA. Hasta ultimo tren, the first piece of the evening, is created by the Duch choreographer Neel Verdoorn. This evening os produced by Musica Extrema (Den Haag) and co-produced by Internationaal Danstheater (Amsterdam).


Durantion: 34 min

Location: Theatre De Flint, Amersfoort

Date: 12.03.2017

DancersInternationaal Dansteather Jeroen van Acker, Michael Sastrowitomo, Roisin Verheul, Rossana Calderea. AHK dancers: Teddy Bot, Dalton Dangelo Jansen.

Composers/Musicians: Tango Extremo (Den Haag)

Costume Design: Karisma Costumes, Corneliu Ganea

Light Design: Ilona Brink

Photographer: Kim Doeleman