Premiere in München, Germany

This was the first solo I have created for myself. The experience proved to be extremely easy and fluid, managing to complete the solo in just under one week. The solo was presented at Certamen International de Coreografia Burgos - New York in 2008 and won, Best Interpreter Award.


In the middle of the night, thoughts have mystical and powerful intensity. They can reveal truths previously hidden to us. It is that moment when a new thought enters our mind and creates a ripple effect throughout our lives.

The thoughts and fears experience by our character are mirrored in the movements of the choreography. All focused on one spot of light, elegantly accompanied by a Chopin Nocturne, the minor shift happen and all that remains is to follow the ripple effect.



Duration: 8 min

Location: Staatstheater am Gärdnerplatz, München 

Dance: Corneliu Ganea

Music: Frederik Chopin

Pianist: Oleg Ptashnikov