Ella  (2010)

Premiere in Burgos, Spain

This work was commissioned by Ballet Contemporaneo de Burgos, Spain. It premiered in the closing gala of the Certamen International de Coreografia Burgos - New York 2010.

For this work I was interested in taking a closer step into the a more theatrical development of the choreography. The main subject revolved around the difference in freedom women have in different societies. If only 2000 km women are not allowed many basic rights and can be stoned to death in the streets, it seams in some Western countries women misuse their freedoms to the point of embarrassment and stupidity. This discrepancy was the starting point of this piece which features five young women exploring their freedoms to the point of losing their moral compass. The work also parallels the relationship between two sister, where the younger one looks up to her oldest for advice and learning.  

Duration: 25 min

Date: 25.07.2010

Location: Teatro Municipal, Burgos, Spain

Dancers: Sara Saiz, Sandra Fernadez, Leticia Bernardo, Laura Molina, Carlota de Luis

Music: Nancy Sinatra, Woven Hand, Prefuse 73, Phonophani, 

Costumes & Light: Corneliu Ganea